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On left a tiny snapping turle saved from death on a roadway.  Right: a grown raccoon with no where to eat except being feed in an urban area.

Even the Bible states that All Animals (including sea creatures) have and can be tamed by mankind....Why is it that in many states we are not allowed to keep  small common wildlife (such as Squirrels, Skunks, Nutria, Opossums, Raccoons, Bobcats) legally as pets?? 

 YET these animals are allowed to be killed most anytime of year, both night and day, as "nuisance animals" ??

We ALL need to band Together to change this... ALL of US, be we pet lovers, conservationist, hunters, animal rights groups, animal welfare groups, farmers, and yes, even animal breeders, such as fur breeders, etc.  State and Federal laws NEED to change and it's high time they DO... I'm not advocating going into the woods and picking up a grown wild animal for a pet.... BUT there are hundreds of orphaned and injured animals each year that are rescued and saved by people that can't legally kept them as pets.  This is WRONG. 
Born Tame
WAll Animals Are Born Tame and Made Wild by Man Kind.

It's really a shame that small common wildlife animals can be hunted legally as nuisance animals but can't be kept as pets legally.   NO, not everyone should have a common wild life pet, but by the same token not everyone should have a dog, or cat or even a child... but many do.  The point to be made here is that it should be legal to own a small common wildlife animal as a pet without fear of doing something illegal, especially if that animal was saved from death as a small baby, nurtured, raised and loved by it's rescuer.  

Many animals deemed "wildlife" make very good household pets.  Opossums for example, are very easy to keep, despite what many well known Opossum websites would have you believe.  They are Clean, Docile, Loving, little creatures that become easily and permanently attached to their people when gotten very young.  They have the intelligence level of a dog or cat or higher... and have proven in memory test to actually test higher than a dog or cat or even a rabbit, the latter of which test higher in intelligence than dogs/cats also.  Opossums are North America's ONLY Marsupial, yet they are deemed nuisance animals by many and can be hunted at any time basically.  These animals HURT NOTHING... they are truly little "Cleaners" of our environment...  in the wild they rarely kill anything (other than bugs or snails), but eat road--kill, many different kinds of bugs, snails, and other things we humans don't want in our yards or gardens.  If you have an Opossum around consider yourself lucky, as the dear little animal is only keeping your yard clean for you...  These little animals are very CLEAN when raised inside from a young age and taught to use a litter pan, or taught to go outside to the bathroom as a cat or dog would do.   Their diet is not that difficult to stabilize as many possum sites claim, and they would be wonderful LOW maintenance pets for people that can't have a dog, cat or other higher maintenance animal as a pet.

It is completely ridiculous that the public is denied legally owning such small common wildlife animals as beloved pets.  In many states only wild life rehabilitators can legally keep orphaned or hurt wildlife... AND in some states it is extremely difficult in recent years to even qualify or get a rehabilitators license.  This also is ridiculous as basically most anyone in most any state can get a hunters license.  How is it ok to hunt these animals and own trophy heads but it's NOT ok to keep one ALIVE as a PET ??  Some states require one to take "their state approved classes".   On the other hand a few states make it much easier for someone to get a rehabbers license... with an online or written exam of common sense questions about the animals you which to rehab, etc.  We are not knocking hunters herein at all.... as no hunter would object to an animal being kept as a pet.... It is NOT the hunters fault... it is the state regulations built around keeping all the "hunting money" ... millions of dollars annually... thus you can hunt squirrels, fox, bobcats, opossums, raccoons, etc...LEGALLY... WELL, then by God, let pet lovers KEPT them as pets.  Let Pet Lovers pay their small per pet fees, permits, etc. and wish them well with their small common wildlife pet.  The world of hunting, big hunting revenue, or the world in general will not come crashing down if small wildlife animals are approved for PET OWNERSHIP.  

Sadly the photo on the left here, of a dead raccoon,  shows what happens more and more to our "wild life" living in urban areas.  They must cross road ways to try to find food, either from homes by eating dog or cat food, or by attempting to find small wooded areas, or most likely roadside ditches that contain minors, or small fish, etc.  Probably everyone viewing this site has seen wild life killed on the roads more than once...Yet it's "illegal" to keep a baby rescued squirrel, raccoon, opossum, etc as a pet?   This truly NEEDS to CHANGE ~~ NOW.