Our Vision is to change current regulation / laws, and allow people (the public) to keep small common wildlife species as PETS.   Our list is included below of small common wildlife animals we want allowed to be kept as pets.  (It is not necessarily as yet, a complete list but is at least a minimal list of species)

~~ Squirrels

~~ Raccoons

~~ Fox

~~ Opossums

~~ Nutria

~~ Skunks

~~ Rabbits

~~ Beaver

~~ Otters

~~ Tortoises and Turtles

Other species to be considered with an outdoor habitat also available for the animals to exercise in:

~~ BobCats

~~ Coyotes

~~ Lynx

Our Vision ~~ Legal ownership of small wildlife animals as beloved pets ~~

Born Tame
WAll Animals Are Born Tame and Made Wild by Man Kind.